Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Gall and the Good

Last Tuesday I got my gallbladder removed.  I had discovered after a rare high fat intake day that the mild pain that I occasionally got was not so mild.  The pain killers didn't work so well and I was up again a 3AM for more.  An ultrasound revealed gall stones.  It wasn't urgent, but there was an opening, so I elected to get this over with.  The surgery was later in the day, so I wasn't quite ready to leave the same day as was the hope.  My Mom was with me all day and my girls came up in the evening after they got off work.  As the service in the hospital was slow, it was wonderful to have them there to wait on me.  I am so happy to still have my Mom with me since she has been through so much and survived cancer 3 times.  The girls helped me walk around the floor and we judged all the art in the hallway.  That and some special prayers saved me from enduring one of those many unpleasant procedures they do to you in the hospital.  I have no doubts about the love they all have for me, but there is special about seeing it acted out for me.  I got a great number of prayers, well wishes, calls, texts and cards.  Though I was up and down all night, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the good procedure and the great care and compassion that I received.  How blessed and happy I am to have such family, friends and brothers & sisters in Christ!!!  One sweet sister brought me this beautify teapot of flowers and chocolates.  My girls have waited on me all week.  They are incredibly good, kind and fun.  The only problem was it hurt when they made me laugh.  My life is so much richer with them.  I am not too sore now, however my energy level is still pretty low.  I can't wait to get these tapes off at the Dr. tomorrow, they are itchy and annoying.  The stitches are supposed to dissolve.  In closing, I just want to say how grateful I am & a big thank you to all those people and my to Lord!!!

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